Healthy Energy Burst



  • A blend of enzymes, botanicals, and B-vitamins for stress and energy support
  • Promotes relaxation and mental alertness*
  • Thiamine + Taurine to promote healthy nervous system and cognitive function*


Who is not exposed to stress every day? Stress costs the body above and beyond its normal daily nutritional needs. In other words, just one day under stress will cause the body to burn more nutrients than were needed just to survive that day; thus, nutritional deficiencies are born. The paradox is the more deficient the body is in the “stress nutrients”, the more it costs the body to deal with stress. Often a nutritionist may suggest five or more separate products to replenish a stress-depleted body. ENERGY BURST was formulated to provide all the key nutrients that medical science has determined are the most used by the body to cope with stress in one product, thereby removing one more stress from life.

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